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vSculpt Now Available in the UK!

We are THRILLED to announce vSculpt is now available for purchase in the UK! 

Check out our press release below. Take control today and regain the freedom to exercise, laugh and jump, and enjoy those special moments with your partner without worry, embarrassment or pain.


The Ultimate Mompreneur

We’re excited to share a stimulating “coffee and conversation” post with Colette Courtion on Lunch with the Ladies - the in-depth blog which includes conversations with notables such as Canada’s First Lady, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and media personality, Jillian Harris.

Read the profile of our CEO and Founder and find out how she’s tackling the underserved women’s intimate health category, get tips for aspiring entrepreneurs, and hear her inspiring journey as a health innovator.


Vagina. There - we said it. And you should, too.

The word “vagina” is censored on social media and in newspapers. Teachers have been fired because they used the term in their classrooms. Why does this matter?

Joylux CEO Colette Courtion is a founding partner of a new movement entitled LegalizeV formed to provoke a dialogue in which people move away from using disrespectful euphemisms to describe the female anatomy and use – both freely and without shame – the correct anatomical terminology, in this case - vagina. 


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