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Women’s Vaginal Health - Sexuality and Aging


Women’s intimate health tends to be a taboo subject. However, thanks to social media and an increasingly health-conscious population, women are starting to feel more comfortable about discussing their vaginal health.

After all, the vagina is a powerful organ. Not only is it a vital part of a woman’s sexuality, it plays a fundamental role in the creation of life. As women age, their vagina will too. They say with age comes wisdom – but with age comes intimate health problems too.

Female intimate health issues are much more common than we think. Vaginal health is intimately related to a woman’s overall well-being, which is why spreading awareness is so important. Here are some facts you should know about.


Nothing Short of a Miracle

We love hearing from our customers! Check out this testimonial from a Naturopathic Doctor whose patient experienced transformational results from vSculpt:  

“My patient is a 59 year old who has struggled with vulvar pain and painful intercourse for years and has always had a very sensitive area from a past episiotomy. She used the vSculpt exactly as instructed and has reported ‘nothing short of a miracle’ in her words. She feels like she did at age 40. She has ZERO pain with intercourse, can enjoy sex with her husband again and has also noticed that she doesn’t leak urine when coughing or sneezing anymore.” 


vSculpt Now Available in the UK!

We are THRILLED to announce vSculpt is now available for purchase in the UK! 

Check out our press release below. Take control today and regain the freedom to exercise, laugh and jump, and enjoy those special moments with your partner without worry, embarrassment or pain.


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